It had been decades since the city had been abandoned by its inhabitants, inundated by flooding, and transformed into a vast urban wetland. Where flowers once grew on windowsills and signs once hung above doorways one could now find dense reeds and tendrilled vines that crept through the city as an ever-encroaching force to be reckoned with, the slow and steady boring of their roots wearing cracks into the walls of what remained bit by bit over time. Along with the damage from the floods, the ecosystem that now had begun to flourish in this once-concrete jungle seemed determined to lay bare the secrets of its former inhabitants, no matter the risk that they may have posed once exposed.

In this way, the walls to the great factories and powerplants had been sundered, their steel-piped industrial insides spilling forth into the open air as petrified viscera that was itself soon too broken through. Within the vital systems that had once powered this great metropolis surged a varietal of malevolent and benign compounds that began to mix with the swamped landscape that surrounded them, seething within its waters and unleashing a mutagenic plague on the inhabitants therein. Though many perished until the toxic deluge that poured forth from the city’s insides, select specimens survived and even thrived within this newly tainted environment as it wrought changes in their being as though it were the hand of god itself, sculpting from their flesh novel forms unseen before amidst even myriad worlds. The steel-clad wetlands thus became a nursery for these new forms of life, which germinated within their shaded alleyways before beginning to emerge into the wider world. Therefore it was that the first DANGEROUS WASTE PRODUCTS began to appear on the fringes of civilizations that neighbored this forgotten land, seeking to spread the corruption of their septic home and absorb new realms from which they could birth forth further mutated spawn.

With DANGEROUS WASTE PRODUCT, FOURWARD reemerge from the EATBRAIN horde to deliver a pair of sonic concoctions effused with noxious atmospheres and thundering basslines that leave a lasting effect on their listener’s constitutions, mutating their sonic preferences towards the duo’s characteristic sound.