Beneath the exacting gaze of a high precision microscope, new life was brought into focus by the practiced hands of one of the world’s foremost biologists. Returned from a distant earthlike planet that had recently been reached via the recent invention of faster-than-light travel and the “Rapido!” drive that enabled it, the lifeform that lay encased within the glass of a petri dish was unlike anything that the biologist had seen before. Its body was formed of a crystalline lattice of substructures of varying hardnesses, which layered themselves in a hexagonal mesh to form the creature’s physically impenetrable exoskeleton. Using the microscope’s various electromagnetic spectrum filters, the biologist was further able to discern that the being’s nervous system was predicated upon a similar crystalline formation, albeit one significantly more flexible than the creature’s outer layer.

What vexed him, however, was the way in which this inner system seemed to respond to the microscope’s gaze. Directly beneath the device’s focal point was an inexplicable locus of neural energy, a hotbed of the organism’s rather simple electrochemical nervous system. This point persisted throughout various spectral analyses and even seemed to adapt to the type of analyses being employed at any given time, akin almost to an attempt at communication. Moreso, the intensity of energy at this point seemed to increase as time went on. The biologist ruminated on the implications of these readings before tuning his microscope to a specific, focused, electromagnetic frequency band aimed directly at the being’s core. It was then that, as though in objection to being subjected to such scrutinous study of its inner workings, the organism’s exoskeleton underwent a rapid change and unhinged along its crystalline axes as it expelled a multitude of spiny protrusions wrought from the complexity of its prior form. Like shards of impossibly sharp obsidian, these spikes pierced through the metallic construction of the microscope with ease, traveling almost instantaneously up the tool’s central shaft before piercing through the skull of the biologist with impossible precision, severing the optic nerve that so allowed him to gaze upon their form. Then, in an instant, they receded and recompiled themselves once more, inert upon the petri dish as they had been but moments before.

INTERCEPT follows up on his appearance on EATBRAIN’s Divergence IV compilation with INFINITY, his first full EP on the label. Featuring three tracks including a collaboration with fellow EATBRAIN artist and previous collaborator LIVEON, INFINITY serves as an introduction to the sheer sonic energy of INTERCEPT’s production for the ever-curious ears of the EATBRAIN horde.