A fact unknown to many is that the essential biological constructors of flesh, bone, sinew, and organ share a common form and structure within the bodies of beast and man alike. Though there exists a variance in their material composition and in their function, the base layer of these structures is much the same no matter the organism on which they can be found. As such, there exists a significant opportunity for the TRANSMUTATION of these traits between host organisms, birthing chimera and bringing to light new lifeforms built upon the most successful elements of other species that possess abilities beyond those of the sum of their parts.

One need look no further than the MYTHIC IMAGE upon the cover of this tome to begin to conceptualize such ideals, though doing so may require the reader to peer beyond their own biases as to the “righteous” state of the human form. Beneath this visage and within the pages that follow are a variety of rituals and practices that may imbue those who dare walk the path of TRANSMUTATION with the scales of great wyrms, the instinct of apex predators, the vision of raptors, and the characteristics of many other beasts altogether too strange to qualify in writing alone. Within is described the path of the meta-being, one that transcends classification and becomes an entity all of their own. Should you possess the fortitude to undertake this journey, your form shall possess abilities unlike any before you. Yet be forewarned, inquiring reader, for those who lack in this all-important quality are like to find themselves reduced to the selfsame basal state on which the techniques laid out in this tome are predicated.

NICKBEE and RIVER ACCROSI’s MYTHIC IMAGE returns to EATBRAIN for their second EP, TRANSMUTATION, which features three tracks set to fundamentally alter the sonic states of any would-be listeners that are exposed to their shifting tonalities. The EP’s title is thus a promise to the eager ears of the EATBRAIN horde, mutating their monstrous forms further in wrapt dance under the guidance of MYTHIC IMAGE’s exacting hand.