The battlefield lay littered with discarded weapons, blades buried in slain foes that slumped vacantly over brothers in arms and enemies alike, forgotten by those who had survived the engagement and long since moved on. Discarded lances, pikes, and spears jutted from the ground at odd angles, creating a twisted and nightmarish landscape eerily akin to the forests from which their hafts had once been hewn. As the setting sun glittered gently upon the mail and plate that still encased the remains that lay upon the bloodied ground, this grove of gore cast its shadow upon the soil, and within this darkness began to coalesce the shared woes of all who had fallen that day.

As the sun fell from the sky the shadows seemed to draw closer and closer together, merging inexorably upon the corpse of a noble knight who lay impaled at the center of the field, his heraldry marred by the vital fluids that had quickly gushed from the wound in his chest. Into this gaping wound did the shadows creep, infusing the knight’s body with energies of vengeance extracted from the thousand other souls that had died at his side. As this vengeful ichor began to flow within his veins the knight slowly rose, his plate armor clanking softly amidst the dead silence that surrounded him. As he stood before the final rays of daylight, the knight grabbed the hilt of the great sword that had run him through, dislodging it from his chest with somber and dutiful purpose before hefting its mighty length over his left shoulder. In the vacancy left behind by this behemoth blade a heart of pure shadow burst into being, sending forth a shockwave of darkness that drowned out even the light of the newly risen moon. Awakening once more to life, the knight forsook the loyalties that had led him to the field of battle, replacing them with the grievances of the countless mutilated forms beside him. REVENANT was he and all their sorrows suffused him, and thus for each of the slain he would exact eternal revenge.

SLWDWN rises to the fore of the EATBRAIN horde with REVENANT, his debut EP on the label following an initial appearance on 2022’s “Divergence IV” compilation. On REVENANT, SLWDWN showcases a set of shadowy sonics dripping with sinister style, marking himself as a champion of such umbral sounds amidst the label’s ever growing roster.