She had been only a babe when the waters had come, not as a flood but as the creep of an endless tide unmoored from its governing moon. From their ancestral village, her kin had fled, chancing their fates amidst the mires that surrounded their homes, which sunk under the rising depths behind them as they fled. She remembered little; the flitting of fireflies, the howling of wolves, and a singular, squelching sound - that of the sodden muck that had swallowed her mother whole, suffocating her in its soggy embrace as with her dying breaths she threw her only child from the reach of its maw. There she had lain unknown amongst the reeds, awaiting an equally certain end. There it was that the crone had discovered her, swaddling her in the sinewy comfort of her DARK EMBRACE.

Many years had passed uncounted since then, and under the crone’s guidance, the child had grown into her fitting progeny, possessing a magical ability of the sort that could only be inherited upon the pain of great loss. Such loss had called the crone to the girl, and now it was such loss that was the source of her magics, marking her in the eyes of many as a maleficent being, an evil creature wrongfully claimed by the crone. Yet the little witch knew a different truth, a baleful tale as old as both of her bloodlines. Such loss was the law of this wretched land, and only in channeling its vile power could she save the next unfortunate soul who was to be swallowed within the acrid bog that she knew as her only home.

MIZO returns to EATBRAIN with DARK EMBRACE, an EP set to welcome the label's faithful horde into the embrace of their favored dancefloors as MIZO presents a grimoire of gluttonous basslines and menacing tonalities across the five tracks that lie within.